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How to hack The Walking Dead – All episodes free iPad iPhone iPod Arboristal Hacks

Please read before commenting: This hack method is currently out of date, it still works, but you must do a couple extra steps: 1. After downloading iAPFree enter the application 2. Go to the plugins tab 3. Set the enabled switch to “on” 4. Go to the download more button 5. Download and install the “Core Plugin” Plugin. It is highlighted and red and should be first on the list. 6. After installing (Should take no more then 5 seconds) go back to the main screen. Make sure you have Core plugin installed, and the enabled switch set to on. After these two things are correct, exit iAPFree. 7. It will respiring your iDevice and then the hack will continue as normal. Remember to continue following the instruction on the video. Thanks!
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  1. how do i get the first episode for free? lol

  2. click the app go to plugins and enable the general one

    sorry for the delay in responding

  3. Thank You

  4. I can’t find core plugin I just see a lot off apps on softer from iphonecake

  5. Please help. I was able to get episode 2 but now I can’t buy anything else.

  6. I got the newer version from the iphoncake repo but I still get this error “unable to complete purchase a network error occurred” is there a solution pd

  7. -Use this source: apt (.) iphonecake (.) com,
    -Search for iapfree version 3.1.1, and install it,
    -Open IAPFree then go to Plugins,  Download more and install core plugin,
    -Close all applications (including IAPFree) then open The Walking Dead and buy the Multi-pack offer.

  8. Sorry man, but for that problem I don´t know how you fix it!

  9. When I open IAPfree and go to plugins then download more, it says “The IAPFree version is out of date.” Do you know how to fix this?

  10. I want for iPhone and

  11. I’m not able to get episode 3. Can you help?

  12. this is wierd i always use iap cracker and it did not work the first time but it dose now.


  13. they are coming soon dude :)


  15. Open iapfree – Plugins – Download More – and install Core Plugin.
    Close all background apps and start the game, go to Episodes and click on the Multi-Pack offer.
    I only do this and work for me, but, I repeat, only I can install the episode 2, I don´t know why I can´t download the other episodes.
    Maybe I need to play the 2 first!

  16. i cant unlock episode 2 it says I have to pay how did you do it?

  17. I can only unlock episode 2! Nothing happen when I try unlock the 3!

  18. Works great thx man :) 

  19. how do you install the core plugin??

  20. Thanks man..worked for me after installed core plugin in iAPFree…

  21. For anyone having trouble make sure you have the core plugin installed worked for me thanks man and comment from below about the plugin sub-ing

  22. Purchasing… Wating 3 mins and nothing… so help me

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