Factory Unlock And Jailbreak Your iPhone

How to install Cracked (FREE) Apps without Installous on iPhone/ iPod Touch/ iPad

Since Installous has ended so this is an alternative way to install Cracked (FREE) apps on your iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad. IMPORTANT PLZ READ: YOU MUST BE JAILBROKEN TO START. Meaning you need to have Cydia on your iPhone. Once you have Cydia then install ‘Appsync’ from Cydia. To do so you will need to add repo source inn Cydia. These are the following repo’s you can add to get AppSync. – repo.insanelyi.com – www.sinfuliphonerepo.com – h7v.org – apt.macosmovil.com Any of the above should work. Once you have installed ‘AppSync’ according to your Version installed on your iPhone, then you will have to open your Safari Browser on your iPhone/iPod Touch or iPad and go to this link v.appvv.com/en/ Once you are there, hit that big blue button that says ‘Download/Install vShare’. Done that. Good. IF THE DOWNLOAD SAYS ‘ERROR IN DOWNLOAD’ , SO PRESS ‘RETRY’ BUTTON AND DOWNLOAD AGAIN. Continue Retrying. You will get it eventually. Now free your arms around because now you can download free apps again on your iDevice. TIP: In case, vShare app won’t install and sync on your iPhone via iTunes, you can use iFunbox to install the vShare app. Download vshare ipa file from : Just launch iFunbox and connect your iOS device. Go to the iFunbox Classic tab, click the Install App button, then browse for the vShare IPA file. This should install vShare to your iPhone without a hitch. If you are already Jailbroken then simply add source in Cydia cydia.iphonecake.com Then install ‘vShare app

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  1. I downloaded it but when I go to get a app it just doesn’t download

  2. Epic thx

  3. Thanks Man

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  5. Thanks man :)

  6. everyone with jailbreak need error just hit retry n eventually it will work, same error happened to me, but im good now

  7. thnx bro it worked definite thumbs up

  8. i did everything you said and the vshare website wont let me download it

  9. witch repo did u use

  10. you are awesome thanks man!!! even without the cydia crap and installous, just directly from the site, eventhough i didnt use insanely but repocydia , appsyn 5+ ;) but thanks dude

  11. yes, it’s the same by me ._.

  12. hey! i just jailbroke ios 6.1 on ipad 2. as you said i installed vshare. still i am unable to install cracked apps from itunes. it says installation failed! can you help me out??

  13. Where can I get appsync for iOS 6.1?

  14. I just update to ios 6.1 and already jailbreak with the new evasion software… when I try to install the v share says… jailbreak need…

  15. is not working i have a jailbroken iphone this is the error “vshare1.0.54(jailbreak need)” what should i do ?

  16. hi ,
    every time i try to download an app from vshare it says after a while , please try to redownload the source may have changed, then i try to redownload it and never works
    do you know how i can stop this from happening, or get rid of the problem ?

  17. jailbreak it

  18. @iPear inTosh Also not Aldo

  19. Theres Aldo appcake+

  20. thnx for helping man

  21. I get the error “403 Forbidden”when I try to go to it on my iTouch, but I can go to this page on my computer. Do you have any idea why?

  22. thks man 

  23. Thanks bro your the best!!

  24. Hi. Maybe you are busy but i have problem. When it almost download on screen i saw lang. There writenned “Unable to Download “vshare1.0.54(jailbreak need)”. What i have to do?

  25. Doesn’t work for me

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